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I am a practicing graphic designer and communicator based in Essex who works within the realms of identity, print and web design.

I have a degree in Interactive Design (BA Hons) from the University of Lincoln where I studied a range of design aspects such as; typography, grid and layout application, photography, audio and video work and also web design.

After completing my degree I started work at a local design company, WDL. At WDL I have developed my skills within the commercial sector by working closely with clients from initial meetings all the way up to final sign off. I have worked on some exciting projects from a full brand integration for a tax consultancy firm to designing a portfolio website for a local artist. Alongside commercial work which I have produced whilst working at WDL in Essex, I enjoy developing ideas and working them into self-initiated projects.



I was approached by the University of Lincoln to establish a website that could be self run to display all aspects of Lincoln School of Art and Design. Each degree course has their own space to post information about ongoing activities throughout …


123App is an iPhone app which has been developed for estate agents. The app allows estate agents to use their company branding and contact information and can be set up for sales and/or letting properties in both single and multi-branch chains.

Principled Wellbeing

Principled Wellbeing is a company set up by husband and wife, Peter and Sue. They wanted an identity and website which clearly defined their ‘three principle’ teachings in a way that would be approachable to many different audiences, from businesses …

Nevina Williams

Nevina Williams is an Essex based artist that wanted the ability to showcase her work on the web. A simple style was adopted in order for her colourful and varied artwork to be the focal point of the site. An identity mark was designed in conjunction …


Blog Feature

I have recently been featured on the Original Linkage blog which was a delight. This may have had something to do with my bandwidth exceeding. Thanks to all the guys at Original Linkage for featuring me, much appreciated.


Bandwidth Exceeded

For anyone who has tried to visit my site over the past few days I apologise for my site not being available. In the past month I have had a large hit rate on my site and so I have exceeded my bandwidth limit. This has been promptly corrected today and so all is back to normal.


What Inspires Me

Over the next few weeks I will be posting some links to websites that I regularly visit for inspiration. A mixture of design blogs, design agencies and individuals will be posted. Take a look at the links if you get the chance, you'll be blown away by the standard of work being produced.

Agency Republic
Agency Republic are my first inspirational link. Brilliant agency that has won many awards for their work. What inspires me the most is their ethos behind their work and working mentality. Take a look at the about us section and also their video by clicking on their logo at the bottom left.

Daniel Gray - SwissCheese&Bullets
A beautifully minimal blog showcasing a range of work from photography, architecture, print and general loveliness. Also take a look at Daniel Gray's personal work, especially like his e-learning benchmarking project.

Johanna Basford
You may recognise Johanna's name due to the success of her twitter picture but there is more to this illustrator than just her twitter pictures. She has designed a cover for Creative Review, been commissioned by Channel 4 and amongst all this finds time to produce great self initiated projects. Take a look at her work and marvel at the intricacy of her pen strokes.

Because Studio - Loz Ives
I have followed Because Studio for a while and am constantly impressed and inspired by the work produced. Because studio is a one man band, that band is Loz Ives, and his attention to detail and ability to communicate is clearly shown in all his work. My favourite project is Low Winter Sun. I always enjoy seeing letterpress being used in modern design work and with the combination of this tactile finishing technique, the vibrance of the orange stock and the attention to detail to ensure the branding is consistent across a wide range of mediums, this project is definitely one of my favourite of last year.

September Industry
September Industry is a blog that showcases some of the best work around and I frequently visit SI when I want my jaw to drop. SI truly shows that quality over quantity is the best way to go. SI showcases work in the best possible way, high quality images and well written copy. Take a look at the Triboro One-Color Subway Map for an excellent example.

I have followed Greig at Effektive for a while and have been so impressed by the work that he produces. I find his work shows off a real passion for design and communication. I regularly check on his identity page where a selection of company marks can be found. Great bit of inspiration to look at when I have designers block.

The FFF blog site is a 'perma tab' in my browser, this means it's permanently tabbed in my browser from the moment I open it to the moment I close it, shows just how useful it is. This blog is widely known amongst designers and for good reason. A wide variety of work is shown with informative descriptions and other features such as a jobs board, recognition section and a voice area for comments. I use this site on a regular basis as it's more than just a blog showcasing work, it's created a community within the design industry. Check out this video on FFF as this created a lot of chatter amongst the design community, some good and some not so good, but all honest.

Eye are a printed magazine with an online blog which I use on a regular basis. Eye's blog is not like other blog's that I have posted as I do not use it for inspiration when I have the dreaded designer block. My use for the Eye blog is to find out what is going on in the design industry, new technological advances and general design news, it's amazingly informative. Also as I do enjoy my type, the latest Eye magazine (EYE 75) is a typography special, make sure you get your copy.

I recently came across 300 million and was instantly intrgued by their site. Many design agency websites just showcase their work and that is perfectly fine but what kept me on the 300 million website for a lot longer was the written content. With each project that is showcased, informative information is attached which explains about the project and how it was completed. I'm really looking forward to seeing more work updates in the future and the Q/A's just as much. Check out the London Symphony Orchestra project, great piece of work.


Follow Me On Twitter

You can now follow me on twitter for work updates and general news. Twitter


Principled Wellbeing Stationery

Along with logo development and website design, stationery has been produced for Principled Wellbeing. Stationery images have been updated in the Principled Wellbeing showcase.


Website Tasters

I have recently been working on a number of new websites for clients. Many of these are still currently works in progress but some initial images have been uploaded in my most recent work post.


Brand Spanking New

I have just redesigned my website in order to showcase my work. My good friend Mickey has built the site for me using wordpress, so a big thankyou to him for making it so.

We are still tweaking so if you come across any hiccups then i'd appreciate an e-mail so it can be rectified.